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How to Become a Gold Star Supporter?

It is Free to join the Goldy's Farm Gold Star Supporter Map.

Just send a fun, creative, clever, thought-provoking saying, poem or short story to:

​Goldy's Farm Animal Sanctuary

37 Boxford Road 

Ipswich, MA 01938​

By default, we will only add a pin with your city and state so you will remain anonymous.  However, if you prefer, we can customize your pin with details by including a name and description (as shown below).


​Every day (Monday - Friday) at 5pm, we have "Mail Chat" with Carlene, Elizabeth & Carly (and Guests) where we will open the envelopes and add you to the board. 


Mail Chat (formerly "Mail Call") is a fun way to engage with Goldy's team and your online friends (CPs).  ​


If you don't have anything fun/creative/clever to send, don't worry.   Just send us a note in an envelope with a city and state, and we will add you to the map.

Contact Us


For questions, comments, complaints, concerns please send a note (snail mail) to Goldy's Farm 37 Boxford Road, Ipswich, MA 01938.

Schedule a Visit to Goldy's Farm:

Send an email to to schedule a visit.  Overnight guests can be accommodated free of charge (although we will definitely put you to work!).    Everyone is welcome to come and meet our 4 legged friends!

Email Carlene

Email Elizabeth:


Emergency Calls:

Elizabeth - 978-857-2468

Carly - 978-810-0915

Janine - 978-273-8469

To Schedule a Senior Center or Veteran Center visit: 

contact Judy at 781-405-9017 or send email to

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